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Cape George Amenities

Cape George has lots of special amenities that contribute to good living and a good lifestyle.  Whether it is sailing or fishing, doing woodwork, community gatherings, exercise or swimming, Cape George has it all.  Specifically a Pool, Marina, Beaches, Parks, Clubhouse, Exercise Room, Shop and, just added, a Pickle Ball Court.

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amenities_beach5.jpg amenities_beach3.jpg amenities_beach2.jpg
Over 2 miles of beach Beach view Beach Park at the Marina
amenities_beach4.jpg amenities_beach.jpg amenities_marina.jpg
Colman Park and beach Beach Park Marina at early evening
amenities_marina1.jpg amenities_marina2.jpg amenities_clubhouse_marina.jpg
Marina from entrance Marina at dusk Beach and Clubhouse
amenities_clubhouse.jpg amenities_clubhouse2.jpg amenities_fittness.jpg
Inside the Clubhouse TV & Library Fitness Center
amenities_pool1.jpg amenities_pickle1.jpg amenities_shop2.jpg
Pool Pickle Ball Court The Shop
amenities_shop1.jpg amenities_pickle2.jpg amenities_sunset.jpg
Inside the Shop Pickle Ball Awesome sunsets