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Port Townsend Photos

As you enter Port Townsend you see a sign proclaiming the city to be a Victorian Seaport and Arts Community. Port Townsend and Jefferson County truly are an artist haven.  The city reached its zenith in 1889 and many of its buildings and in-town residences reflect that Victorian era.  Those buildings and the activities they produce have given Port Townsend a certain flair.  Here are some photos.
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a_pt_bishop.jpg a_pt_building1.jpg a_pt_building2.jpg
a_pt_building3.jpg a_pt_building4.jpg a_pt_courthouse.jpg
a_pt_ferry.jpg a_pt_ferrydock.jpg a_pt_fountain.jpg
a_pt_fountain2.jpg a_pt_house.jpg a_pt_manressa.jpg
a_pt_postoffice.jpg a_pt_postoffice2.jpg a_pt_rose.jpg
a_pt_victorian1.jpg a_pt_victorian2.jpg a_pt_victorian3.jpg
a_pt_victorian4.jpg a_pt_waterfront.jpg a_pt_waterfront2.jpg
a_pt_waterfront3.jpg a_pt_waterfront4.jpg a_pt_waterfront5.jpg
a_pt_wine.jpg a_pt_woodenboat.jpg