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Cape George Overview

a private community on the shores of Discovery Bay

In the early 1960's a wealthy mid-westerner, J. Frederick Palmer, turned the cape into a residential development, the first major real estate project after the boom period of the 1890's.

Palmer developed the area known as the Colony in 1961. Real estate developers Colman and Riddell developed the Village and Highlands as separate entities.  The three areas were joined as one in 1971 by annexation of the Village and Highlands to the Cape George Colony Club.

The Olympic Mountains provide a vista to the West and protects the area from excessive rain. Cape George only gets about 15” of rain a year. See a map of the Olympic Rainshadow.

Cape George Colony Club, the homeowners' association, is owned and operated by the members. It has numerous amenities including a large, enclosed swimming pool, a marina, a large clubhouse and a shop for the use of members. The Club owns and maintains its own water system and nine miles of private roads. There are over two miles of private beach with clams, geoduck, crabs and other seafood delights.

Discovery Bay and the Strait provide salmon and halibut fishing and is home to large spotted prawns.

Membership is secured through property ownership within any of the divisions of the club, The Highlands, The Village, or The Colony.

Four employees provide the management, clerical and maintenance services